Robin Amy Bass


We must talk of war and peace
We must talk and so release
The demons that possess our soul
The lives cut short – that plain got stole
From those who fought and those who gave
We must talk and – we must save
Those we love from so much pain
I wonder if we can refrain
From picking up a gun or sword
Strike, instead, a common chord
And talk of love instead of hate
I cannot help but contemplate
The meaning of this holiday
So many troops remain away
We must talk and some must pray
That we might live to see the day
When war is ancient history
To me it’s still a mystery
Why people shoot instead of speak
How empty buckets spring a leak
Why olive branches are so rare?
Why there are men who hate to share?
We must learn to give and take
When we sleep and when we wake
Up to the facts of Peace and War
We must talk, and talk some more
Silence is the thing that kills
Christ – This season laced with chills
Should be one of joy and love
Are there angels up above
Who can help us with this task?
Is this thing so hard to grasp?
How can we initiate
And at last communicate.
Talk it out – put down the gun?
We must talk or we are done

Inspired by the poem, “Let Us Talk of War” ©Copyright December 11, 2005 by Colin F. Jones