Robin Amy Bass


Two minors hurt my friend last night
I felt his wound go deep
I felt his anger and his rage
I listened to his words seep

Then overflow his soldier’s wall
Then break forth from the dam
I listened as I want to say
I’m here for you – I am


“A mindless act from mindless youth
And so they go un-named
But I can tell you here and now
I know they are to blame

They lit a living man on fire
A man who IS a Vet!”
My friend could not contain himself
“I am not finished yet;

And there must be 10 thousand guys
Who know just what I feel
The way they spit and jeered at us
Those kids just made it real

Yeah there are quite a lot of us
The living and the dead
And we will find those cowards soon
And live inside they’re head

And though they stay anonymous
Be sure this is no game
It’s just like Nineteen Seventy
When we got off the plane

Though this the year two thousand five
It seems they haven’t learned
The Man they hurt was my Brother
It’s not just him that burned

Those cowards they dub underage
Will have to grow up fast
‘Cause they have made a bad mistake
And they are far outclassed

There are a lot of guys like me
My Brothers who have served
And they are all prepared to see
Those kids get what they deserve

The media will not give names
They’re minors – they’re underage
But I know other nameless souls
And I can feel their rage

They come to me from everywhere
Australia and the States
I see them standing at the Wall
My brothers and my mates

And I can feel their loyalty
And I absorb their pain
Those minors made a sad mistake
They’ve brought us back again

My brothers will not tolerate
A deed that is so cruel
And those who look the other way
Must think that we are fools

Those minors will not know a peace
At least not here on earth
I would do much more then spit
‘Cause nothing’s what they’re worth!”


I search for words to comfort him
This man, I truly love
I feel myself pray silently
I ask The Source above

To send him some tranquility,
Internally I fight
Because there is that piece of me
That knows that he is right