Robin Amy Bass


Inside, my sleeping Scorpio
Drifts off to places, I can’t go
While I lie thinking – wide awake
And daydream of the trips we’ll take

And bake his favorite breakfast treat
He dreams of snakes and jungle heat
Where boots replace the trucks and cars
And birds replace the morning stars

My Scorpio is snoozing still
His time has come to foot the bill
He dreams of jungles spiked with traps
Where life is just a game of craps

He listens for the snap of trees
While I am talking of Belize
While choppers haunt his peace of mind
Some things just can’t be left behind

He listens for the enemy
He thinks he keeps this all from me
By keeping quiet in the morn
The distant whistle of a horn

Awakes my sleeping Scorpio
He doesn’t say… but I still know
The kitchen warms with oven heat
And over coffee cups, we meet

His eyes shift slowly in the light
A different battle he must fight
As we drift slowly towards the day
So many words I think to say

A war torn smile he sends my way
I’m glad to have him back today
My Libra sense, says weigh the scales
I speak of sun – my resolve fails

I’m trying to remain aloof
As I go searching for the proof
My Scorpio is here with me
And for this moment – we are free