Robin Amy Bass


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: March 13, 2007
Awarded: March 13, 2007
The evening moon waits for the sun
She wears a shawl – he totes a gun
He goes to war – she prays for peace
And hopes one day he will release
The notion that he has to fight
To be a man and make things right
The morning sun begins to shine
She offers up her warmth divine
She likes to watch her children grow
She bides her time – she takes it slow
She knows the day will soon exchange
The night will come and rearrange
Her plans and what she has in store
He has this need to go to war
The moon grows cold – perhaps inside
Are all the men who fought and died?
And took what nature’s bounty wrought
These wingless men – now bound and caught
Entrapped and bound to grow no more
Have stripped the earth down to its core
Each day the sun comes up alive
She wonders how these men survive
At every turn – they find a foe
She wonders if they’ll ever know
A life where men no longer fight
She waits to ask the moon at night
The moon says that’s the way of man
It’s been that way since time began
These lessons are so hard to learn
When it gets hot – then things will burn
Blame human nature – or free will
The sun goes down – the moon stands still