Robin Amy Bass


The man I call my boyfriend
This man I truly love
Was sent to me – I’m not sure how
Perhaps from high above

The man I call my partner
This man is my best friend
He always has stood by me
On him I can depend

While others have deserted
When trusted friends have left
This man has opened up his arms
I’ve leaned on him, bereft.

This man is not a braggart
And sometimes mystery
Takes hold of him, but then in time
He shares his history

This man sat in the jungle
He stayed and shook his head
Refused to leave a wounded man
That others left for dead

His brothers named him T-bone
I like to call him Tim
There isn’t much he asks of me
I try to give to him

Respect, ‘cause he deserves it
And love, just ‘cause I do
I know when he says “Semper Fi”
That every word is true

I could go on forever
But he would just say hush
His steel blue eyes give him away
He hates to hear me gush

It’s not all light and roses
We have our ups and downs
But even on our darker days
I’d rather see his frown

Than listen to the chatter
Of babbling buffoons
T finger picks his blues away
He spawns the greatest tunes

I’d rather go the distance
With one who’s got my back
Than lead the emptied cluttered life
With some self centered hack

I have no time for phonies
For cowards, wannabes
My heart was taken long ago
Resides inside of T’s

The reason that I know this
He told me – one spring night
He said no matter where I go
He has me in his sight

My place – T said – is special
He said – Inside his heart
And, he for me, the missing link
The final puzzle part

See, when we’re put together,
I know we make a whole
A little late, but worth the wait
To finally share one soul