Robin Amy Bass


I step into the winter freeze
Come face to face – my love’s disease
Has hardened on this icy day
What can I do to chip away

The memories of jungle heat
The Blaze of victory and defeat
Has left my lover cold at night
I think he’s lost the will to fight

Until he calls out in his sleep
He wakes me up – I start to weep
Then dry my tears and resolve seize
For after, I am The Breeze

I’ll blow away his fear and hurt
I’ll hide his anger in the dirt
I’ll sweep away his cynic’s ways
I’ll add some laughter to his days

I’ll flit about the trees and try
to make sure he won’t see me cry.
Until it’s time to blow away
I pray the sun will up and stay

And warm my lover’s heart, once more
Perhaps he will forget his war
If only for a day or three
The Blaze – He means so much to me

That I invite the Moon and Sun
In case I’m not the only one
Who helps to quell my lover’s pain
I cannot leave him in the rain

I’ll leave when he his warm and dry
I’ll will return and not ask why
He smiles that special smile for me
The Blaze – he is my poetry

Author’s Note: For several years now, Ben and I have called each other The Blaze (Tim) and The Breeze (me). Our anniversary is February11, 1983 (a big blizzard in NYC). Snow means a lot to us… so do all the elements.

When I read Chris Sharik’s “The Poetry of Air”… it brought me back to a lot of feelings… then I read Tony’s and Col’s additions – part of me wanted to get in on the act… and this is what happened.