Robin Amy Bass


Should I mess with how you’re feeling
Should I cross into you space
Are you bringing me in closer?
Or just trying to erase

All demons that come chasing
All the skeletons and bones
I am treading on this fine line
So you will not feel alone

But your secrets seem so precious
You protect them with your heart
And I’ve heard that secret keepers
Always seem to come apart

I’m not sure who you’re protecting
Nothing you could ever say
Would surprise me or deter me…
I will never walk away

Like I did when I younger
When I used to cut and run
I have seen all sorts of demons
Learned to spit them out for fun

I know that you think it’s different
‘Cause I haven’t been to war
Maybe that’s the very reason
You should choose me to explore

You don’t have to cut a finger
To know that it will bleed red
You don’t have to carry baggage
Pain and aching in your head

All alone and by yourself
Won’t you please put down your boulder?
Put it there. Right on the shelf
Let it hold up all the others
Use it for a large book end
All the energy you’re using
I believe you could expend

On learning you are just a human
Come and hold my open hand
I don’t need a super – hero
I don’t need a superman

I don’t need to be protected
From your secrets – from your past
It keeps us from really being
When so much has been amassed

I’m not saying you must tell me
Every detail – no indeed
There are songs that should be solo
Meant for only you to sing
(spare me from your list of ladies
I don’t need that sort of thing)

But your repertoire is weighty
Tunes distorted by the fear
I am saying please sing louder
Or sing soft…but make it clear

I guess it comes down to trusting
In the end the choice will be
Up to you – but I’m just asking
Hoping you will share with me

Or with others or on paper
Give it to a higher source
You’ve been looking far too soulful
Lonely – filled with such remorse

I know you have made an effort
Once before and you were burned
That just proves that we’re all human
Here is what I’ve come to learn

All those sayings – Sick as Secrets
He is silent as a tomb
There’s a reason they were fashioned
To be free – we must exhume

All the things hold us prisoner
All the toxins must come out
If you must – go find a mountain
Stand on top and start to shout

Tell it to the breeze that’s passing
Tell it to a raging sea
Doesn’t matter how you tell it
I just know what’s worked for me

If you tell… you will be free.