Robin Amy Bass


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: July 21, 2005
Awarded: July 21, 2005
Self-made walls don’t crumble easy
They’re erected brick by brick
Barricades for self-protection
Smoke screens wafting –in the thick

Night time is a torture chamber
Some how walls don’t stop the dreams
Doesn’t matter what they’re made of
Nothing seems to stop those screams

Of the wounded and the dying
I have yet to find the wall
I could build to stop my crying
I still hear the voices call

Voices of my friends… my brothers
Some – names written on “THE WALL”
What about the nameless faces
Do you know how long or tall?

We would have to build to fill it
Build a wall that never ends
Self-made walls don’t crumble easy
On that wall, I see my friends

Author’s Note: I wrote this after reading the line that Mary E. Rogers used… “Self Made Walls don’t Crumble Easily” …Thank you Mary