Robin Amy Bass


Ruminate… that’s what he said
Thoughts go bouncing through his head
Grab a word that brings a chill
Find a thought that means to kill

All my dreams and all his hope
Something just distorts his scope
Skews the vision in his mind
I don’t know just what he’ll find

What he’ll take my words to mean
There’s that look – I know he’s seen
Evil spirits – from his past
Beckon him to join their cast

Ruminate – I do it too
How to get my point of view
To a place he’ll understand
Pray his demons will disband

And we’ll make it through the night
He says something’s just not right
While I say – “the weathers nice”
Try to swallow my advice

Ruminate – the whole day through
People tell me what to do
Hang in baby – fill his cup
Milk and sugar – don’t give up

Ruminate – dilute the black
Try to fend off an attack
Coffee with his PTSD
Turn my back – so he won’t see

How I shake my fear away
Just for now – we have today
Ruminate and pray it’s gone
So for now – we just move on

Submitted for the April 2006 IWVPA Theme Project, “Ruminative