Robin Amy Bass


While I’m awake, he is asleep
I wonder if he’s dreaming deep
While I plot out my latest verse
While working through my writer’s curse
While He’s asleep, I am awake
His river dreams begin to snake
And overflow against the stream
As he wakes up, I hear him scream
Now he’s awake and I am too
I try and figure what to do
No sense to try and reassure
For dreams like those, there is no cure
He shakes his head – I try to smile
I say, “Your demons sure got style”
He nods at me “ Indeed they do”
We’re both aware this much is true
He lights a butt – then takes my hand
His silence lets me understand
He nods at me, “They come and go”
He breathes a sigh and we both know
It’s not like it appears to be
He never gets away scot-free
My river flows into a lake
I fall asleep – he stays awake