Robin Amy Bass


The young one… that I call my brother
He now interrupts – “pardon me,
I can’t say my name, but I wonder?
Do you know a guy we called T?”

“I might”, I reply… I am nervous
Though part of me does want to flirt.
“Just tell me your name… and I’ll find him”
I say, as I wiggle my skirt.
“He’ll just be so glad you’re not hurt”

“He knows me”, the young one is grinning.
“T stayed with me right up till the end.
So tell him, don’t fret, I am peaceful
And one day, when we meet again
We’ll talk to each other like brothers
I’ll finish up what I should say
But that is another tomorrow
For now let’s just deal with today
And trade on the later for sooner
I’m glad to see, he made it home
Yeah, tell him… just thank you my brother
There’s no sense in being alone”

“Are you the guy… who sat beside him?
Who died in mid sentence?”… I ask.

The young one does not want to answer
His face turns to stone – like a mask

I know it’s a mine-field in there
That look I have seen as you face me
It’s chilling – and gives me a scare
I tiptoe around like a varmint
Afraid I might make you explode
The fog rolled in heavy – now lifting
My worries now seem to have slowed

I know I am nosy – so sue me!
I’m not big on passing the blame
But I know it would be an honor
If you were to tell me your name

The young one is smiling – “It’s Johnny!
Now promise me you will not tell”

“You don’t think that’s somewhat ironic?”
My voice starts to sound like a bell.
“I’m sure that you must have a nickname?”

“It’s John-boy! But that’s classified!
Tell T-Bone, it’s time to keep living!
It’s me and not him who has died”

I know that you know what I’m thinking
That some of this must be a dream
The tale of some wistful survivor
A woman who’s willing to scheme

And conjure up fictional heroes
A woman who sometimes gets mad
At times I have run out patience
For all of the time – I am glad
that you are this brother’s survivor
At times, still a prisoner of war
And I’ll never take you for granted
And time with you – I just want more

Author’s note: If I were reading this… it would be read as an excerpt… from what may have a few more parts. Oh Universe… I feel one of those epic poems coming on… Isn’t this the time of year when people start to read Homer? The Odyssey?