Robin Amy Bass


I woke up trying to connect
To what I call My Source
With words all jumbled in my head
Dark shadows – thick and coarse

Went floating by my window pane
And from my sleep – no rest
With instant replays in my head
Self loathing – I detest

The way my pain and suffering
Can bring another harm
You’d think I’d learn to mask the truth
Conceal it with my charm

And brush it off as no big thing
Use make up – Not reveal
The longing, the anxiety

The worry that is in my head
My dreams now etched with tears
Are turning into truths and I must
Learn to face my fears

I recreate the scene with verbs
Pronouns… I choose with care
My brush, and paint my point of view
With colors from the air

I do my best to let you know
I hear you and I see
The good and bad – the in-between
And all of life… for me

Means nothing if you aren’t here
If you should choose to go
To fuck it all and run away
Then I must to let you know

That I will never reconnect
To any higher source
My future days are limited
All paths lined with remorse

Is what you would condemn me to
You shoot and it’s too late
To light another cigarette
To stop and ruminate

To try and rearrange these thoughts
To try and just commence
To find a reason to endure
To try and make some sense

Of this and gain some peace of heart
Instead of flying blind
Of learning what acceptance is
Of leaving far behind

This evil that comes taunting you
This haunting, bad disease
So grab my hand and not the gun
Don’t make me grovel – please

Or let me go on wondering
Just what I drove you to
While you’re still here – then I live on –
My life belongs to you

(Or let me go on wondering
I’ve done all I could do –
While you’re still here – then hope remains
The choice is up to you)

This is a response to “The Answer” ~ ©Copyright November 29, 2005 by Tim Bone