Robin Amy Bass


Some will turn away, others only stare
Some still search the sky, say a silent prayer
As they go to work, or return at night
Nothing is the same – it does not feel right

When I cross the bridge, I look for the Twins
But inside my head all the pain begins
To come back again – so I push it back
Living day to day after the attack

Isn’t what we chose – it was thrust upon
All those missing souls – everybody’s gone
Mothers search in vain – make an empty bed
Daughters looking lost – all the Fathers dead

I look for the Twins, when I cross the bridge
Sometimes beams of light – hop across the ridge
Of the skyline’s arch – but it looks all wrong
Now a subway ride seems to take so long

Till I reach the stop where the Towers stood
I just can’ believe they are gone for good
New York City kids try and act so tough
Try and rise again – when is it enough?

I look towards the sky when I ride the tram
Think of what they did… and to hell I dam
Those who struck us down – but what good does it do?
Doesn’t bring back sons – and I think it’s true

If we hide away – then we let them win
So we walk on by – but we hear the din
As construction men – try to fill the holes
What are we to do – to redeem the souls

Of the loved ones lost – now it is our job
To rebuild our lives – we still hear the throb
Of the dead and maimed – people that we knew
Standing next to me – sitting next you

In September’s breeze – and in winter’s chill
People sit and stare – and those looks can kill
All our hopes and dreams – so I look away
Try and make a plan – and begin today

Robin Amy Bass: New York City Commute

Author’s Note: As a New Yorker, I am confronted with my own ambiguous feelings when ever I go into the city… something I do almost every day, now that I’m at Macy’s. I admit, I don’t go to Ground Zero very often and I don’t know how people continue to work in the area – I know I could not do it. Just riding the E train, with the sign World Trade Center, makes me uneasy.

This poem was inspired by “Rush Hour in Manhattan 2006” ~ ©Copyright January 16, 2006 by Nancy L. Meek