Robin Amy Bass


The dream was much too critical.
The man had such dark hair.
And I could hear a lot of chat
And voices in the air.
My father or and old school boy friend?
Ezra? I know it made me stare.

He had a child
And told me I should care
For her;
I did at any cost
And there were spies
And Nazis too
And in the end I lost.
But first, the girl was just a babe,
I held her in my arms;
She slept like she knew where
She was.
My friends said
She was charmed
By me although she knew that
I was not her mom.
But that was alright too,
I seemed to make her smile a bit;
I think she looked like you.

I thought, what if she has to eat;
I never could breast feed,
But I took out a candy bar.
I had just what she’d need.

She knew I take care of her,
She wouldn’t come to harm.
She grew up right before my eyes
Much like I did with you
Perhaps the girl was really me
Perhaps the man was too.

And then I saw a wicked man
A Nazi, I was told.
I felt the chills run down my spine
The girl was growing

I had to run and bring her back.
You scolded me a bit;
You said I did not believe in you.
You threw a little fit.

And in the end, I lost you both;
Got flattened by a bus
But not before I taught the girl
To dance, and I felt lust

When I saw you lay down to nap,
I came right next to you.
I sat and talked – you smiled a bit;
We both knew what to do.

You weren’t scared of Nazis and
I was not frightened, so
I thought that I could trick them;
But of course you told me NO.

Your daughter loved another boy;
You wouldn’t let her out,
And when I turned to look for her,
I saw she had run out

I ran out in the street to find
The girl, and then I saw
You ran into the street and
Then you both were on the floor.

A bus had come and flattened them;
Two boys, the girl, and you
And then the dream was done – you see
For nothing left to do.

Dead! The boys! The flattened girl,
And you had lost an arm
To make sure we were all okay;
Not come to any harm.

There’s more to this; there was a house
Where people came and went.
There was teacher and a coach
I guess I played the wench
(would not sit on the bench?)

The coach, half German; double spy;
He got those kids in school
But you and I – not taken in.
The Nazi was a fool.

I kept the child so warm she smiled
She danced upon my feet
I did a little tap dance too
She really liked the beat.

I don’t know why, when I told you
I thought we were a pair,
You said, “You never act like that;
I thought you didn’t care.”

There were some darker women there,
And one man with black hat.
I’m told that they are the shadow ids; still
I knew just how to act

I got off up the great big bed
And came to sit with you,
And then I thought… where is the girl?
I couldn’t lose her too.

The dream made me uncomfortable;
Was mostly black and white.
I had it in the early morn,
I know it wasn’t night
‘Cause I awoke at 7 am,
Prepared the coffee pot,
And crawled back into bed to doze
The dream is what I got
And somewhere in this crazy dream
I saw something in red
Poetic license calls to me
I’ll tell the truth instead.

The red was just a fleeting streak;
A cape, worn at a dance?
Or maybe just like superman,
I only saw a glance.

What I remember most of all
Is how I lost the girl,
And got her back and lost again
as things around me swirl

I made sure she was safe and warm
when I was not absorbed
In finding you so you could see
I loved you all along

I don’t know why – when we sat to talk
I only made you sad.
You said, “I want to be with you”
I told you I was glad…

And stroked your face;
There was no beard,
but you were circumspect
and I saw you put out your arm
I felt that word – reject

And all my “I” jokes, they just fell flat
You just misunderstood
That women don’t say how they feel
Not when they really should

In case they go and give their heart
And find they’re not loved back;
A strategy that never works,
That’s really what falls flat

So in the end I lost you both the little girl
And you…
I just woke up ‘cause I could see
There was nothing left to do.

Author’s Note: This was the dream I had this morning around 8:15 am… I just put it down the way it happened though it came out in rhyme. I did not want to change too much… just the typos and some of the rhythm… I wrote it as I remembered it.