Robin Amy Bass


My fear is with me tonight
So craven – a cowardly beast
I don’t know how to explain
My demons’ having a feast

They wait until it is dark
They stretch the shadows outside
They wait until it is dusk
All through the daylight they hide

They multiply in my head
One fear has now become three
And soon enough they converse
I hear them talk about me

They lurk behind the closed door
They pounce when my guard is down
They laugh a laugh that is cruel
They feign a smile and real frown

They point a finger at me
There’s strength in numbers – they’ve won
They whisper close in my ear
Just Fuck Everything And then Run

My fears are winning tonight
They wait to feel my embrace
They pray that I lose my faith
They watch for my fall from grace

I don’t know if I can win
The meek inherit the earth
And me – I’ve got too much pride
bestowed to me at my birth

Endowed with all the wrong genes
Equipped with all the wrong tools
My fears are what I embrace
My comfort zone laced with fools

Some seek the meaning of life
But me – I seek peace of mind
Or just the strength to endure
A way to leave fear behind