Robin Amy Bass


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: May 30, 2007
Awarded: May 30, 2007
Memorial Day has come and gone
But still the memories live on
Of those who are no longer here
For loved ones don’t just disappear

They leave behind their legacy
We’re left behind, supposedly
To live our lives, to make them proud
But me, I gaze up at a cloud

And wonder why they had to die
Was it their choice? There’s no reply
Instead I feel a gentle breeze
The distant jangle of some keys

A woman kneels before a tomb
An unborn baby in her womb
A stone is placed upon a grave
Her soldier’s life they could not save

Like me, she comes to pay respects
Atop the hill, a crowd collects
The cemetery air is thick
I hear a voice – “I’m feeling sick”

And soon enough it’s time to leave
Between the graves, the others weave
And dot the rows, with flags and wreathes
A shining sun – no one believes

That this is called the perfect day
The weather girl had that to say
This morning on the local news
While I put on my walking shoes

And climbed the hill to mark a grave
Our brothers dead – no one could save
Their lives, their souls – their ghosts live on
Memorial day has come and gone