Robin Amy Bass


She looks out at the sea of flags
While on a bench, a man in rags
Is waking up to meet the day
He’s bold enough to call and say

“Hey lady can you spare some change?”
She’s unprepared for this exchange
She came to mourn and pay respects
And yet somehow, this man connects…

The dots that flutter in her heart
The sea of flags tears hers apart
She’s lost so much in these past years
The man calls out – as if he hears

The thoughts that scatter in her mind
“Don’t be alarmed – if you can’t find
A silver coin or dollar bill
It ain’t your fault – it’s just God’s will

Besides the day is young like you
When other’s come, I’ll ask them, too”
There’s hope among this sea of flags
The man sits up – adjusts his rags

“You know I served in Vietnam”
The flags stand still – the air is calm
The woman nods – then looks away
She isn’t sure what she should say

Wrong words will only make it worse
She opens up and from her purse
She takes a crumpled dollar bill
Says to herself – “This is God’s will”

This single act of charity
Though laced with its disparity
Will take her from this sea of flags
She hands it to the man in rags

“Thank you, lady now you should go
I’ll watch the flags, just so you know
There ain’t enough to mourn the dead.”
She turns to leave… enough’s been said.

Memorial Day, 2008 – Sea Of Flags