Robin Amy Bass


November 1, 2005 – my second “real” day at Macy’s. I signed up for the Parade… but even more interesting:

Today at work, I met a man named Wilbert. He comes every Tuesday, to service the furniture and to fix what is broken. The only reason I met him was a colleague of mine asked me to give him an order… one of her “clients” (I always say “Customer”) needed a repair.

I hate being asked to do stuff like that… because I always forget. I have enough problems with my own customers. In fact, I do not want to find out what my voice mail is… sigh… but I will. Anyway, back to Wilbert.

When I asked my manager Mark, who Wilbert was, he said, “Don’t worry… you’ll find him. He’s tall, thin… has a ponytail.”

Let me tell you, I hate ponytails on men… usually… because the only men I ever see wearing them are fat, bald on top… and Jewish.

Anyway, it became apparent that I would have to find Wilbert myself. I went all over the Furniture Floor, which is big although not as big as it usually is. Half of the floor is now covered with Christmas Trees and Ornaments… hundreds of ornaments. I will post some pictures soon.

I went over to Lucky… our shop steward, who by the way is eternally grateful to me; I remembered where he was last using his cell phone. Lucky loses things… like me! I saved him hours of heartache.

So Lucky said, “Si Mama-sita” being that Lucky is from the Bronx, and Latino Lucky, as he puts it! Lucky pointed and said, “See the guy on the ladder… that’s Wilbert.”

So I went up and said “Wilbert, I’m Robin. I’m new… so nice to meet you” and I stuck out my hand.

Wilbert is tall… 6’2… like Ben and when he shook my hand I noticed a round button that said Semper Fi (Always Faithful). It also said. “Once a Marine, Always a Marine. So it seems.”

He said, “Hi, nice to meet you.”

I pointed to the paper I clutched in my other hand. “Audrey wanted me to give this to you, so before I lose it… and then I noticed a pin on his shirt collar.

I said, “What’s that?” pointing to the red button. Wilbert said, “I was a Marine somewhere between Korea and Vietnam. I guess I’m still one.

I smiled “Semper Fi… and Welcome Home.” He said, “My brother was there.” referring to Nam… and listed some other relatives.

I smiled “I say Welcome home to everyone.”

I don’t remember when the subject turned to music I told him about the recording studio I had managed (the one where I met Ben)… and then he showed me a CD of a DooWop record he had made in RCA studio’s here in NYC. He is a musician/vocalist and says he knows a little about engineering. He is part Cherokee… and I think he is in his late 60’s but it’s hard to tell. He was very excited that I wanted to hear his CD. I downloaded it onto my laptop… we do have a big DVD player with great speakers on the floor… but it’s my second week there.

Yesterday I wore a witch’s hat for Halloween and played The Monster Mash. So today I wanted to be a little lower key. I have to sell some furniture and not try to look as if I’m having so much fun. But I am.

Later on Wilbert helped me close a deal. He came up and told my “client”, the floor sample Console table he was looking at, could be easily repaired. I ended up selling a dining room, small chest, and console table – all floor samples and all to be delivered Saturday. Then I get paid!

After eight, when the bosses went home, Wilbert put on his DooWop CD. And I ended up selling a Ralph Lauren Buffet for 1800 dollars.

I wonder what float I’ll walk with, at the parade. I’m starting to like this place even more.

And I’m getting the urge to write about it… that’s how I can tell… any way I’m going to try calling Ben, and catch up on my e-mail.

Night All.

Robin Amy Bass AKA Sheila Walters, Rock and Roll Reporter, coming soon… an interview with DooWopp Wilbert… on Looking For Rock Stars.