Robin Amy Bass


Just like the old days
You’ve figured it out
You seem so sure
There’s no lingering doubt

Just like those nights
When I’m here and you’re there
Asking ourselves,
if we really should care

What of the times
I have not seen before?
I want to know,
Is it me or the war?

Things change with time
All the things we must do
tend to the souls
Who are needed by you

Still, break of day
Finds my thoughts filled with you
Painting a dream
Of the things we could do

Just like those times
That we spent in our youth
While you’re alive
I will tell you the truth

I love you more
As those days turn to now
And that will grow,
Though I can’t tell you how

I want our times
To be free – open – wide
And when you dare,
you can crawl right inside

Yes break of day
Finds me dreaming of days
Painting a night
Where we sit and star gaze.

Author’s Note: This is for Tim. He lost a friend the other day. And he was a good friend, and that’s probably why it hurts the way it does. When you love someone, it always does.