Robin Amy Bass


It’s clear – yes it’s so vivid-why we are together.
No matter the storm, in all kinds of weather.
It’s clear – like the full moon – that you are my guy.
Don’t ask me the reason – I can’t tell you why.

I am drawn to your hubris, the humor and the pain.
Its just one of those moments, a little bit insane.
When you lie there sleeping, then wake with a start.
Though you start to shiver, you capture my heart.

It’s clear that you’re still dreaming; I try to explain.
Your eyes look so puzzled, and now it is plain.
That you do not know me, you ask for my tags.
As you reassure me, you look for the flag.

You’ve got me, you tell me-you will get me out.
You’ve got me, I tell you – of this I have no doubt.
You let me caress you as you drift away.
The soldier lies there sleeping; he’s done for the day

It’s clear that you were talking in your sleep all alone.
And I feel you shudder, and watch as you groan.
I want to dive in to this place, the cavern where you go.
I draw back the curtain and look at the snow.

And think that you let me in much further this time
I feel a bit guilty, at spinning out this rhyme
But this is only way I can sort it out
I know what I’m doing, I’m wanting to shout

No matter the weather or danger that you feel
The love that’s inside me, well this part is real
So I take my clothes off, and I get into bed
And dream of the day that you want me instead

Of the dreams that still haunt you in the night
I’ve got to admit that you gave me a fright
And soon you awake, and the night forgot
I ask if you recall it – you say, “I do not.”
You start to deny it and I start to smile
‘Cause I have this secret – which is not my style

It’s clear that I’m seeing a soul that’s quite complex.
Your ghost is right beside you – you’re not like rest.
But you cannot frighten or send me away
Beside me you lay sleeping, I too drift away

The blizzard is hazy… but still it’s very clear
I’m not really happy unless you are near
And snow keeps on piling, I feel myself sigh
Content for the moment, I sleep with one eye

Open and shut, like a case black and white
Hoping your demons will stay out of sight.
Wait until the morning, you wake and say hi.
It’s clear as the snowfall, that you are my guy!