Robin Amy Bass


In the heat of the moment,
I feel myself spark.
I’m drawn towards your fire.
Away from the dark.

You’re glowing in orange,
In amber and gold.
For several crisp moments
I’m no longer cold.

I reach out to touch you.
You shrug me away.
For only a moment
I told you I’d stay.

The heat of the moment
Is not what it seems.
The cold light of sundown
Exposes my dreams.

There is no trespassing
The gates to your heart.
The water is melting.
I’m coming apart.

I’m shrinking back slowly.
I’m thinking it through.
I’m freezing this moment.
I’m looking at you.

A man who through caution
Who said, “What the fuck?”:
A man who was lucky,
Now down on his luck.

The heat of the moment
Is not what I thought
It’s not like those movies,
Whose hero is caught

By some foxy woman
Who’s zany and bright.
Who says, “Come here darling
And give me a light.”

The heat of the moment
Has smoldered and gone.
The night-time is empty;
As cold as it’s long.

And I sit here longing
For something that’s sweet.
A cup of hot chocolate
A touch of your feet

The arch of my foot,
When it’s flat against yours.
The way you lean towards me
The way that you snore

The heat of the moment
Has made me insane
And now I am certain
That thunder and rain

Will follow and dog me
Till I float away
And yes, I remember
I know I can’t stay.

The heat of the moment
Has fostered in me
The eyes of a seer
Yes, I finally see

That heat waves and cold fronts
And even the snow
No matter the weather
I know what I know

That love has no timetable
But I have a choice
When you wake up empty
Do you hear my voice?

The way I hear yours
In the cold light of day
The heat of the moment
You send me away.