Robin Amy Bass


I wish I could turn back the clock
Or find the wisdom to defrock
These warlocks who invade the mind
Those tapes that endlessly rewind

And start again – will not turn off
I wish I had some magic broth
To make the day devoid of fear
I wish that you would call me near

And somehow we could close the gap
There was a time when you would nap
While I would scribe another poem
There was a time we felt at home

Together we could face it all
We’d sit and watch the snowflakes fall
Today the snow comes down in lumps
The road is paved with icy bumps

You tell me you have things to do
And I reply, “Well I do too”
We’re both aware that something’s wrong
As silently we carry on

Our separate paths towards separate graves
We take our meals in separate caves
You’re losing faith – in life – in me
While I am trying desperately

To live a life that’s uncontrived
Ironically we’ve both survived
Your days in Nam – my war with drink
Is done but we’re still on the brink

Unsure of when to come or go
I wish I could wake up and know
Exactly what to do and say
I wish the sun would light my way

I cannot keep up this charade
My greatest fear – your love will fade
Perhaps it is already gone
And I am left to linger on