Robin Amy Bass


I am waiting for you to get well
I am no longer under your spell
That you cast over me, for I finally see
That we all get to choose our own hell

I’ve been waiting for you to awake
I was hoping your fever would break
But it spikes endlessly, will you never break free?
Will you ever give more than you take?

I am waiting for you to wake up
As I fill up, you empty your cup
You say you need to think, you’re on edge – on the brink
Now I know that I must toughen up

And while waiting for you to feel fine
I have found the backbone in my spine
That I bent in the hope, I would learn how to cope
While I gave up what should have been mine

I am waiting for you to agree
Or to say that you finally see
That we all have a choice to lay blame or rejoice
Still I know now where I ought to be

I’ve been waiting for you for so long
Yes it’s clear now, that I have been wrong
It’s not you who should change – I cannot rearrange
All the chords – any notes in your song.

I’ve been waiting for all the wrong things
While the truth sets me free, still it stings
Though we may be star crossed, I cannot pay the cost
If I wait on the side, in the wings

If I give up my essence for you
You would hate me, and I’d hate me too
So before I am dead, let it finally be said
I am no longer waiting for you