Robin Amy Bass


How much long will this last
Till you let go of the past
Till you grant yourself reprieve
Until you no longer grieve

For the ones you could not save
Is the trodden path you pave;
one that’s never really smooth
Antidotes that rarely sooth

Or give closure to your pain
In the night – they come again
Dreams that might as well be real
They just linger till they steal

Any spirit that is left
leaving both of us bereft
me of you – and you of you
neither one knows what to do

Just surrender? Stay and fight?
We both know that it’s not right
Can’t admit that we still care
We both know that life’s not fair

How much longer will this last?
Something tells me – hold on fast
to your hand – and don’t let go;
In the end – you never know

how much time we get to spend
when our time on earth will end.
If I could – I’d make you see
that you are a gift to me

There is nothing to forgive
every day we get to live
basking in each other’s light
It’s what gets me through the night

How much longer will this last
You’re my present, and the past
just reminds us of what’s gone
So for now – we just go on