Robin Amy Bass


He said I made him feel that he was not alone
At least he said I did it once or twice the other night
But when the next day came, He allocated the blame
He says that I don’t understand his fight

He thinks I’ve let him down, he says that I mislead
And caused him to have faith and maybe hope
He says I contradict… that I’m not very slick
He has that final verdict in his tone

He doesn’t seem to see – that when he speaks to me
He speaks of final curtains and demise
While I look towards the sun, still I would never run,
Although I hate that look that’s in his eyes

He speaks of year’s gone bye
He talks of do or die
He tell me that he once did all that he could
He knows just where he stood – and he now knows that he should

Address his mortal wounds – his battle scars, exhume
While I attempt to camouflage my hives
PTSD for him and PMS for me
I wonder who is keeping who alive

My skin begins to itch – my eye begins to twitch
I’m just another minus on his list
I could not give him hope – against his hopeful hope
Still he will be the last man I will kiss