Robin Amy Bass


He dreams of the lion king
I dream of black crows
He wakes ups and I’m locked out
That’s the way it goes.

In the morning at his house
I am still a guest
There are times when I’m the same
Just like all the rest

Of the women in his life
He cannot contain
His impatience at my mood
Some things do not change

He dreams of the jungle’s heat
Fox holes in the night
Steals my blanket and I know
Something isn’t right.

I wake up and try to be
Cheerful and alive
He wakes up, still in a fog
Mad he has survived.

He is not a morning man
And he never was
I know how to wake him up
Same thing usually does

But, he grunts and turns away
So I’m left to shrug
Take a shower, brush my hair,
Searching for a hug.

Cup of coffee helps a bit
And a cigarette
He pretends that he’s fine
I start to regret

How I jabber aimlessly
Try to elevate
Try to lift his spirits up
I start a clean slate.

Talk about the late night show.
Talk about the weather.
Watch the clock tic by and know,
We won’t be together.

As the day continues on,
I must drive to work
So I brush a tear away.
This is just a quirk

That he has, on early morns.
It will fade away
He will call me in the eve.
“Hey how was your day.”

He is not a morning man,
So I wait till night.
Maybe as the daylight fades,
He will make things right.

He will call me up and say,
“I must now confess,
I sleep better when you’re here.
You’re not like the rest.”

And I like it in the morn
When we both wake up.
Sit and talk at breakfast time.
Stir the coffee cup.

He dreams of the lion king
Or his days in Nam
I dream of the morning time
When the weather’s calm…

And I feel his hand on mine
His eyes open slow.
He reaches for me and he says,
“Honey, please don’t go!”

Author’s Note: Ben wakes up and says, “I had a dream about the Lion King – which is a show on Broadway by Disney – There is a big kid inside Ben, which does surface from time to time. He has no recollection of waking up in the middle of the night… asking if I hear the choppers.

This weekend we had a Blizzard. In the morning, I go out to the car to brush off the snow… when I come back I am locked out. This worries me, because if Ben falls back asleep, he doesn’t always hear the bell – I have shut the bedroom door, so as not to disturb him.

I bang and bang, and finally he opens the door. His look is devastating, but he just goes to the table and lights a cigarette!