Robin Amy Bass


My confrontations are different than yours
Your battlefields are not mine
I cannot know what you face every day
I’m sure your hill does incline

Steeper than those that are thwarting my path
Mine, that in hindsight, subside
My confrontations are far from the fray
I have not been side by side

With enemies who are threatening my life
Or next to brothers who’ve died
My confrontations seem childish to me
Not like the tears you have cried

Most of my pain is the type that will heal
Though how soon, I can’t predict
Yours is the type that will linger it seems
You cannot seem to evict

All of the demons that harbor your soul
All of the hurt you have seen
Can’t be shrugged off, with the arch of brow
I know, there’s more in between

What you are saying and what you are not
Some parts you must go alone
Still I am wanting to be there for you
So you are not on your own

Your confrontations are different than mine
Black and white, no shades of gray
Ours is a world which is not always fair
Still I look towards every day

With the awareness, that you’re in my life
I wonder – what I can do
To lift your burdens or chase them away
To make it different for you

Your confrontations are different than mine
The age-old question of choice
Sometimes confuses and gets in the way
Sometimes it’s hard to give voice

To raw emotion and the cold facts
Things we would rather forget
When people tell you let go and let God
Or to just live and just let

Everyone do what they’re wanting to do
Sometimes it’s hard not to judge
How do we know when the anger is just?
Or we’re just holding a grudge

My confrontations are different than yours
From the beginning to end
I am just wanting to be by your side
To hear you call me your friend