Robin Amy Bass


Inside my head I can here it go thump
Why can’t I stop acting like such a chump
Driving along – hit another speed bump

Lie to myself – it is only a slump
But I want to get closer to you

I’m in this big bed alone incomplete
No one to hold on to my hands or my feet
I want to help – it ends up in defeat
I end up further from you

I end 5000 miles away with my heart
Broken not able to find the right part
How many times can we make a new start –
I end up crying when all that I want
Is some one to share how I feel

It feels like you are an ocean away
Guarded emotions the price that you pay
I try again “let’s begin a new day”
Drowning in tears when I barely can say
I cannot swim, please don’t wave me away
I just want to get closer to you

You end 5000 miles with your head
Back in the war zone – you wish you were dead
All of your barricades are now lined with lead
Where are we going like this?
You used to welcome my kiss
Now I am so far from view

I just want to be someone who’s true
Up close and personal too
Want to get closer with you

Life isn’t always so gift wrapped and neat
Say it – regret it – we edit – delete
Amend it defend it – a phrase incomplete
Somehow I don’t learn from mistakes – I repeat
My tears taste too salty – I need something sweet

And my plate seems so full and I still need to eat
My insides are empty – this thing’s got me beat
What do you do when two minds just won’t meet

Perhaps it is simple you do not like the view
So you back away as I come closer to you
But I just don’t know what I the hell I should do
Just want to get closer it’s true

These guarded emotions – for me they won’t do
And I wish I could explain why I’m like this with you
Without sounding like an old harpy or shrew
Things fall out of place – all my thought are askew
There once was a time that I thought that you knew
And I’d bet my soul that you wanted it too
I just want to get closer to you