Robin Amy Bass


I’m sorry for your grief and strife
I’m sorry for your pain
I’m sorry for the things you saw
that lurk in side your brain

And guilt is something you should not
be feeling – day or night
Unless you’ve done the kinds of things
you know just weren’t right

And while you should not kill yourself
don’t live your life for me
For I though I am no innocent
I want you to feel free

And know that you can lean on me
if you should start to fall
your baggage weighs an awful lot
just leave it in my hall

Next to my suitcase, filled with junk
You see – I’ve learned to pack
No! I’m not going any where
I’ll just fix us a snack

Forgive me in my ignorance
perhaps I was unkind
but when I think of your demise
like you, I lose my mind

And grasp at straws or raise my voice
or play a card called guilt
So let’s return to faith and hope
on which our love is built

Inspired by the poem, “Because I Care” ~ ©Copyright February 20, 2006 by Nancy L. Meek