Robin Amy Bass

For T-bone and His Brothers

On the TV – On prime time
Men and women vie
Each one comes and sings a song
When they lose, they cry

They audition – do their best
Sing with heart and soul
American Idol – it’s their dream
Such a lofty goal

You and I – we’re having fun
Watching for stage fright
But I know you’ve had enough
Turn the channel right

To a show called The Marines
You say “Semper Fi”
Now the screen is filled with men
Not afraid to die

Warriors – they call themselves
I see new recruits
You say, “I remember that”
Shaking in my boots

First Boot Camp – Then OCS
How they stripped us down
Then they built us up again
We thought we would drown

Or get shot or DOR
The Crucible’s a bitch
I watch drill instructors scream
Not a blink or twitch

Comes from men in uniforms
Ask they calmly say
“I remember training camp
Just like yesterday”

Then the program shifts a bit
Colonels talk of war
Even though they’re trained for it
No one can ignore

Carnage on the battlefield
Blood and up-close death
Body parts in body bags
Gasping for your breath

No one is prepared for it
Even when one’s trained
War can’t be auditioned for
Processed or explained

I watch you as you watch them
Men who could be you
Steel blue eyes have seen too much
Trained to fight on cue

And I know one thing for sure
I am with the best
Someone who’s a cut above
Different from the rest

I can see that you are proud
I squeeze your hand tight
American Idol – you are mine
Every day and night