Robin Amy Bass


You are in my life today – it’s time that you knew
If you were to go away I would follow you
To the shadows where you hide. Come and pull you back
Show you how I really feel – Save you from the black

Guide you from those avenues you’re inclined to cruise
Keep you from the traffic jams and the daily news
Conjure up a little chat, dance an old soft shoe
Anything that might distract, I would do for you

Keep you from that tendency – you are in such pain
I will help it go away, if it comes again
I will help you find relief… I will help you mend
I am always here for you – there can be no end

To the love that’s in my heart – though it moves about
This is what I’m thinking now – If I let it out
It might come and swallow you – so I hold it back
If you look into my eyes – you will not see lack

If you doze and sleep a bit, I will sit and wait
Up and down and inside out – still there’s no debate
You are napping for a bit – I can feel you rest
This the perfect moment – now – I am truly blessed.

Author’s Note: Ben is no stranger to losing friends from Nam… during and after…!

He tells me all sorts of stories that include illness and hospitals and friends he has lost to something Nam related. I want to talk about the Yankees… I want the pain and sadness to let up for awhile. I want one of those Be-Here-In-The-Moment type of days… perhaps when he wakes up.

He will wake up in an hour or so, and we will watch some TV and eat some ice cream… and if he wants to argue the pros and cons of positive thinking, I’ll be happy to accommodate him. I just want him to know I love him…