David G. Bancroft


While each year will pass,
I will always vividly remember that day
when my son
returned home from harm’s way.

It was the first time
that I really looked
into my boy’s eyes
and saw a man
walking towards me…
Not because of his age,
but what his eyes silently said.

Oh, what they had witnessed
in his days and nights fighting
bravely for his great country
and fellow Americans.

Then I noticed his walk,
steady and confident
with a sense of purpose.
My son was now a tested warrior,
ready for what still could come.

And words cannot describe,
the depth of pride and love felt,
as we finally hugged,
washing away the emotions of the wait
into hopeful memories of the past.

Nor will I forget
thinking about the fallen
and their loved ones
for what cannot be for them
and for all we share
in what they did for us and the USA!

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