David G. Bancroft


In just the span of a century alone,
American troop valor and honor has been shown
in two world wars, Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon,
Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan,
with all involving many brave ones
like York, Murphy, Hackworth, Hooper, Smith, and Tillman.

And while the glory should always be told
about these and other heroes of war,
the display of courage and being bold
involves so many more
as it is about the call of duty
regardless where American troops might be.

They have carried the burden to protect
our shores since independence won;
fighting on until their mission is done,
taking our flag wherever they go,
saluting her red, white, and blue with deep respect.

Our troops are true national treasures,
priceless in their worth, who surely deserve
our unyielding praise for making the sacrifice to preserve
America’s values and freedom under all types of measures.

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