John N. Baldwin


To My Friend, Jerry Piece, LA Detective, and friends, I hope, out there, everywhere: This message had to happen, now and for the times we are in:

Jerry: Good work, Your recent article (not attached) I love it your treatise on why doctors quit and burn out and forsake the profession they worked so hard to achieve; you have hit on one of the nails which sealed my coffin to quit as one of the premier vascular surgeon in Central California Never sued (a miracle), I looked at the taxes and fees: city business tax, county business tax, state taxes, federal taxes, personal state, and federal taxes, x-ray certificate tax, narcotic RX tax license, MD license ($800) try avoiding that, automobile DMV tax, license, home ownership tax, gun tax, boat license tax, insurance on boat, home, cars, tractor, garage, life and health and I am sure I have missed many such as Narcotic Rx license, prescription writing license, ohhhh, dog license and rabies shots, burglar alarm “fee”, discarding used tires fees, used oil fees, “energy surcharge tax” at Sardine Lake “Resorts” @ 15%, and sales tax 7% Have I neglected the sales tax on a bottle of wine or gin or the incredible tax on gasoline which is a % of the total state, local, county, surcharge (20%) and then, about 60% of every dollar at the pump goes to people who want to kill us 650 billion to 1 trillion (above cost of crude at the well head) to 4 Arab nations of July 2006 (year to date) good money to buy unfired A-bombs on the market from the former USSR or our “trading partner” China a trillion dollars which rises with the Arab’s source price or have I forgotten the tax to own a Car or an RV or an airplane???

I have had it with crummy schools, pot-holed roads and emasculated supervisors. I have a lady named Teri Murrison whom I am backing this Fall for Supervisor, and I hope she proves to me that there is still honesty, intelligence and courage in politics, even at the local level. She shows me hope and encouragement, locally.

However, the world, in my lifetime, has not improved. Technologically, yes it has. This internet message is a good example. A force used for good, and unfortunately, for even greater evil. As a father and a husband with a son, aged 13, I voice these concerns. Tell me: In your lifetime, has it gotten better, or worse? Be honest.

Have the politicians forgotten our addictions: never they have HALF the price of a pack of cigarettes in their pockets, ostensibly to keep us healthy, but honestly to shake us down, and when you buy a bottle of Gin just know that HALF is going to taxes. Enjoy your high. Cigarettes the take is incredulous. But they do kill you caveat emptor.

Finally, we have State and Local taxes. They make you pay for owning your own home! They make you pay for living in f---ed up California currently 1% of assessed value, but on purchases at Wal-Mart, about 7.5% if you are lucky to be moderate, and in your annual state tax filing, and then, they come at you with “New Things” like the school needs a gym or God, forbid, you need a whole new SCHOOL!!! We did that, passed a 7 million dollar bond issue and when the dust settled, only 4 million got spent on improvements seems there were Mi-Wuk Indian artifacts in the dig never mind that the same treacherous “band” of Indians had built a Casino of 100,000 sq feet with hotel and spa without a single Indian bone in the 25 acres curious Be careful don’t die after 2010 because after that, the estate tax goes up ballistically. I plan to die in 2009 to save my kids and wife the estate taxes really, a penalty on folks who DIE! How super American!

Hey you white folks out there get pissed off. Get made. Tell the Republicans and the Democrats to screw off because they all are rotten to the core. Yes, I am ranting, but I am right. Bush is “in the bubble” the protective place that Presidents land after inauguration and after a couple of years don’t know that “bar code machines” check out your groceries a’la Bush #1 in 1992 during his election “tour” to New Hampshire “Gee, that is neat, what is that ?” Well, sir, that is a bar code scanner. We have been using those for three years. And the bubble grows – isolated from your messages and mine. How pathetic. How sad.

To top it off, Al Qaeda issued a message today, that their goal was to conquer “from Spain to Iran” for Islam and establish their religion and they would sacrifice anything to do it. What was the reaction? Silence from CNN, NBC, CBS and even FOX.

Wake up. You people who are fat, happy and satisfied. Your personal future may not be in jeopardy, but that of your children is justifiably endangered. I cannot endorse a person to vote for. Nobody is awake. JFK’s book “When England Slept” written before World War II is classic. We are asleep; we live in a total La La Land immersing in Fun City and TV Reality Shows.

I am semi-smart and educated, and I could go on but you guys are out there and you are alive. I feel sorry for your generation and for our “leadership” and for the strength of the enemy that is arrayed against us. We do not have, at this time, the will to win. This is, mark me well, a death struggle of religions. Long after I am gone, this is history, but either Christian-Judeo values will prevail or the Muslim terrorists will reign.

Unfortunately, it is not your choice. Whichever clone you vote for will be a vacillating, weak, and accommodating wooden statue of television arrogance. So it will come down to the final showdown whenever it occurs, and you will be there.

In my lifetime, these, by far, are the most dangerous times.

You can trash this as the ranting of an “old guy” but mark my words, we are in a battle to the death, and if you dance and party and DENY it all, the house will come down on us all. I don’ t know who to advise you to turn to, politically, unless it be, holy smokes, God but trust me, out there are no rational, brave and realistic answers to the threat facing us. We are looking down the barrel of the greatest threat to Western American Democracy since gee Adolph Hitler and he was so FAR away. This threat is far away and also right in our midst: say Detroit and Chicago cells of Hezbollah the “Party of God.” I don’t know how to wake you all up, and even if YOU wake up, will the bottom-sucking scum of Congress and our Senate ever come out of the “bubble”? Probably not; I have a lot of faith in prayer but in this case, I would think that even that resource has been severely tested and possibly exhausted.

Enjoy the summer. I hope I am wrong. Do not abandon me for my futuristic views. Remember Winston Churchill was scourged when he warned about the dangers of Nazism in 1935. But he was right. And so am I.

Just answer this if you think I am crazy: “Has America gotten better during the last sixty years?” Don’t go for the party, Democrat-Republican thing think honestly:

  • Do your kids walk to school by themselves?
  • Do you lock your doors at night?
  • Do you keep a gun close by?
  • Do you think twice about scoutmasters and ministers?
  • Do you think your kids will have a tougher time than you did to get into college?
  • Do you never give a bad glance to the guy in the radical mex-car who is cutting you off on I-80?
  • Do you want to hide your kids if there is ever a draft for the armed services?
  • Are you angry at your taxes?
  • Can you make it three weeks if the electricity goes off?
  • If you go to church, has your minister even mentioned the Muslim threat?
  • If gasoline goes to $5.00/gallon, can you really make your commute?
  • Do you know that 60 percent on the dollar of every gallon of gasoline goes to nations that want you dead??? Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Dubai, even Mexico? Yes, Exxon made record profits, but nearly 1 trillion dollars in just ONE QUARTER OF THE YEAR went to Iran, Venezuela, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia (??Our friends)
  • Do you hate your commute and wonder where the guy in the car buzzing by you at 75mph came from?
  • Does your kid get bullied at school and the principal cannot deal with it because the father of the kid has prison tattoos like snakes coming out of his collar over his ears?
  • Do you think your country is hated all over the world? But might be right? But could be wrong?
  • Do you resent people who have worked hard for a living and are comfortable or do you see them as parasites?

So you go along, get along, go to work, be retired, see the check, ride with the punches but you deep inside, know you are going down and you cannot affect the final outcome. So, what do you do? Well, there are outlets; in religion, self determination, optimism and denial I would advise any and all of you pick one, but do not pick DENIAL. Sure, it is easy to avoid the evening news and it may help. But for those of you willing to listen, LISTEN UP the times are changing. As I told our son,” Will “These are the most dangerous times I have known in my life.” WW II, Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, Cuban Missile Crisis, Gulf 1 etc the worst. Be warned. My words will fall soon into the ether of the internet as none of this is kept but I am prescient on this subject and as I could often see “the hot appendix in the belly of a teenager”, I can see the coming battle. Be armed, be aware and for all of the danger, be of good faith and avoid denial of reality.

With love and hope Dad