Fred B. Baker, II

Fred B. Baker, II
“Huey Jock” aka “HJ”

Born May 4, 1948 in West Chester, Pa., HJ lived in Chester County for twelve years before moving to Susquehanna County where he still resides today. He Graduated from Elk Lake H.S. (lower third of his class) and attended West Chester State for one year (3.5 gpa), disliked it and volunteered for the draft. He was drafted into the Army in June of 1967, trained as medic 91A10, and had orders to go to Germany as a medic or flight school. He chose flight school and in October 1968 found himself “across the pond in Vietnam” After a year there, he went to Germany until the rift ushered him out in August 1971.

HJ was married for 7 years before divorce, and had two sons. He later remarried and has been for 22 years (so far). He has four stepdaughters and enjoys the company and closeness of 16 grandchildren.

After working for Procter and Gamble for 25 years, he retired in 1997 and now occupies his time with community projects and charity work, and is preparing to run for County Commissioner in the 2007 Republican primary. He writes: I am an idealist who has not yet lost all his naiveté.”

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