Freda H. Babinski


We Pledge Our Allegiance as children in school
And then we are taught that old Golden Rule
We learn about pride and how freedom rings
That justice will serve in all of these things

They say to be proud of wars we have won
Let’s take a good look at what they have done
There’s Saudi, Korea and Vietnam too
But lets not forget World War 1 and 2

Yet also there’s others that ask for our aide
Because we are strong and they’re so afraid
They say we are called the land of the free
But I’m not so sure I really agree

You see, we’re the ones who’s paying the cost
Of all who have died and bodies now lost
Yet right here at home our wars never end
We fight to survive and pray that we win

The drugs and abuse are out there each day
And racism still has not gone away
It’s almost as though we’ve learned to accept
The promises made that never are kept

There’s people that live in boxes out there
With no food to eat and no-one to care
We saw Waco held with flames all around
And children have guns they’re not putting down

A bombing took lives of babies that day
It also took mothers and fathers away
There’s times I can see that shiny black wall
With names of the ones I don’t know at all

I see the white crosses on graves that they share
Yet nobody knows who’s buried in there
Then high on a pole “Old Glory” will wave
With honor and pride above every grave

It seems man has made his own destiny
He’s eaten once more from Satan’s sweet tree;
And look what this knowledge has taught everyone
That we should be proud of wars we have won

If we can take men and travel in space
Then why can’t we heal our own human race
It’s still up to us if we really care
PLEASE wake up “AMERICA” – we’re dying out there!