Honours, Award and Recognition Received


Tony, dear friend, brother, and climbing buddy

Please accept the Toralf Cod's Memorial Award and Prize. The Toralf Cod's Memorial Award and Prize is awarded by the Toralf Cod's Memorial Foundation through its trustees Suzanne and myself. As stated in the enclosed Award Letter, it is presented to individuals and organisations who seek to further Understanding, Peace and Human Rights through Words, Conviction and Action. In addition to giving recognition to the recipient it is the intention of the Award Committee to give practical support and assistance to the recipient's continued efforts. The Prize is given unconditionally and should be used at the recipient's discretion.

Previous recipients include survivor groups in Bosnia-Herzegovina as well as Russian and international human rights organisations and charities working with children in Lebanon and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

All recipients are encouraged to assist the committee in finding other deserving recipients who fit all or some of the requirements listed above. Prize Awards will be held at modest levels until the Fund has grown to an acceptable level, allowing higher sums to be awarded.

Note that the Award Committee does not make public the Awards and Prizes anywhere; any such publication is left to the discretion of the recipient. You are of course free to tell anyone you wish about the award and show the letter too. The awarded prize is of USD 500.00 (US Dollars five hundred), and you are again free to decide whether or not you wish to this publicly known. As per our earlier discussions on the matter.

An electronic copy of the Award Letter is enclosed [reproduced below] while the original document will be sent to you home address together with the prize.

Your friend and brother,

Toralf Cod Memorial Award and Prize