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I want to thank you so very much for posting my writings on your website.

28 Years ago I had to leave my daughter behind because of the hells I was going through at the time. Over the years I tried to find her again but kept losing the trail. Then, 3 months ago I received an email asking if I was the Jeanette Zobjeck who had lived in St. Charles Ill, USA and had served in Vietnam. The email was signed by some on names Kelly.

In all my years I have only known one person named Kelly and that was my daughter. By searching for my name she came upon your website, read my writings, tracked me back to yahoo and wrote me.

Since then we have been corresponding, slowly filling that aching 28 year gap. Neither of us wants to push too fast, rather we want to learn who the other person is but it is progressing very well for both of us. I now know I have 4 grandchildren I never ever hear about before ranging from 4 years through 10 years.

If you had not done the wonderful work you are doing, if you had not thought what I had to say was worth sharing with others and placed it where anyone could find it, my life would still be empty as far as my daughter is concerned.

Again, thank you so very, very much.

Jeanette Zobjeck
August 14, 2004