Honours, Awards and Recognition Received


Anthony W. Pahl

Dear Tony,

IWVPA Members AwardAs president of our unique and illustrious little band I am honoured to be the one to make this presentation to you on behalf of all members of the IWVPA (International War Veterans Poetry Archives) poetry group.

CITATION: The members of the International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives gratefully present this award to Anthony W. Pahl, “The Bushranger”. In recognition of his unstinting efforts on their behalf: his patience, his love, his unfailing courtesy, and always, his encouragement. Special mention must be made of the outstanding website that he has designed to showcase the member’s poems.

I would also like to mention that the website is now being used as a resource by universities, schools, and the public in general. It is a wonderful resource of firsthand experience of war in all its glory, honour, misery and horror.

I ask that you accept this honour presented to you by your peers in recognition of your unstinting loyalty to our group.

With deepest respects,

Michael Subritzky Count-Kusza
(aka “Subs”)
International War Veterans Poetry Archives
30 August 2003