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  11/17/01 10:19:34 AM
Your name: Ken Jursinski
How did you find IWVPA? web
Where are you from? Ohio
If You are a War Veteran, which war? Vietnam
Which Armed Service? Army
Are you a writer? Sort of (Construction Attorney/Contracts)
Comments: How do I get a hold of Richard Preston re: Ron Ralich?
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IWVPA Web Master’s Response

G’day Ken,

I’m sending a copy of this email to Richard “Boondocker” Preston so that he can contact you. I know that Ron is a man he has never forgotten and has written several works dedicated to and about Ron. I feel very sure that he will respond to you.

All the best mate, and I hope that you hear from Boon soon.

Best Regards,

Anthony W. Pahl
Web Master

For Boon:

Mate, this request was posted to the IWVPA Guest Book. I leave the matter in your hands.

Peace and Love,

See you soon,

From Richard D. Preston to Ken Jursinski

Dear Ken,

Thanks for your response. The one and only picture I have of Ron left is the one I have holding the boot. It was Ron’s way of letting us know that we were still green until we set foot on foreign soil in Rota Spain. I am attaching the complete photo with some of his friends and fellow Marines. I was the one who took the picture. The Picture was taken aboard ship while we were some where off the coast of Spain during a Mediterranean cruise. Ron and I hit it off from the second I walked into the squad bay at Camp Lejeune. He conned me out of a pack of Marlboros. I have to admit he was smooth and quite a character.

We made a weekend to Loraine on a 96-hour pass. Ron said that he would get his dad to drive us back, so I went with him. We got to spend about 6 hours there before we had to get back to base. Needless to say his Dad did not drive us back and we were three more days getting back as we ran out of money. To make a long story short it cost us a stripe as we were considered AOL. I met Ron’s Mom very briefly; I think I met his sister at his local hangout somewhere in Loraine. I doubt His Mom would remember a tall thin Marine that came home with him so long ago. But if she would like to hear from a friend of Ron’s I would sure write her.

I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t think of him. I wrote a piece called “Where’s Julio” a while back. It tells of how I learned of Ron’s death at Thua Thien. It contains some strong emotion and some strong language. But it is real and I write what I feel. If you would like to see it I will send it to you.

Thanks for writing; you have been the first person I have met who knew Ron to respond. This was my hope in publishing his photograph.

Your Brother in arms, Rich

From Ken Jursinski to Richard Preston:

Dear Rich: Thanks for your response and publishing the picture of Ronnie. I grew up with him in Lorain, Ohio. I had searched for anything on him on the net since 1996: shows you my computer literacy. Anyway, someone who thought they knew me in Vietnam (they didn’t) emailed me and I decided to try looking for Ronnie again when I found your page. I just can’t describe how I felt when I saw his picture. What memories that evoked! I remember all the fun we had growing up. Ron was a year older than me but his sister, Janice, was my first love and we dated for over 10 years so I got to know Ronnie pretty well (my only screw-up was letting his sister slip away from me but I was half nuts after Vietnam and didn’t realize how wonderful she was). If you have any more pictures of Ronnie, I’d love to see them. More importantly, have you ever been in contact with his family to share your picture(s) and remembrances of Ronnie? I know they miss him greatly as I and my friends in Lorain do. If you would like to contact Ronnie’s Mom, I’d be happy to help.

Kenny Jursinski

From Ken Jursinksy to IWVPA Web Master:

Dear Anthony:

Thank you very much for locating Rich. He has written to me and I have responded. I grew up with Ronnie and was amazed to see his picture on the web after all these years.

Thanks again!