Author Unknown


What is a veteran? Just look around.
Right where you’re standing,
He fought for that ground.
A vet is a person who answered the call,
who went into war, and gave it his all.

He defined a way of life that we all love,
but much preferred peace, like the way of a dove.
He asked not the reason, as he stood in the trench.
He faltered not once in the muck and the stench.

As soldiers in legions, they stood side by side.
They knew some would fall, as many more died.
They whispered their prayers in a helmet of sweat.
Shells bursting above wouldn’t let them forget.

Tears in their eyes as their friends lay so still.
One hour ago, he was king of the hill.
Many more wounded, spilling of life.
When will it end, the battle of strife?

For many the battles never will end,
Now they are civilians, and find they can’t blend.
Some are disabled, and some are disturbed.
After coming home from hell,
They find they’ve been curbed.
A veteran is special, to be not denied
He put it up front, he need never hide.

Now is the time to honor our vets.
Remember their pain, don’t ever forget.
Remember them now, and give them their due.
Stand by their side, ‘cause they did it for you.