Author Unknown


In the United States, France, and Russia
lay the Tombs of the Unknown Soldiers;
Beautiful Memorials, decorated with flowers,
in honor of the men and soldiers,
who fought so bravely,
for God, and for their country.

They have bled and they have died,
in a history of wars and battles
fought by solders – fought by men.

But today,
where are the battles and the wars
where only men and soldiers die?
And where, I wonder,
are the graves and temples
for the Unknown Civilian?

Where is the Memorial to the
little girl who lost both her arms
because of a land mine –
years and years after the war had ended?

And where, I wonder,
are the Graves for the civilians
massacred – murdered
by the men and soldiers
who fought so bravely
for God and for their country?

Where are the graves,
where are the temples,
for the Unknown Child,
and the Unknown Mother?

These landscapes of war –
this blackened earth
of ashes and blood –
is it here their restless souls lie?
Is the moaning wind
over the ruins of a village
really their voice?

Where are the graves
and where are the temples
to honor the Unknown Civilian?