Author Unknown


Mingling musk
sweat scent
powder punctures
cotton creases
Tears trickle
Away now
save again for later
bring the ache
tomorrow still gone
another day
without you

Webmaster’s Note: Fort Wainwright, Alaska’s post library, held a writing competition for Soldiers and their families recently. Very few submissions were received, but those received were infused with intense emotions. Three were chosen to represent different elements of war: expression of creativity while in the field, the pain of missing a loved one, and honoring the memory of fallen friends.

Two of the poems chosen were submitted anonymously; a Soldier serving at Forward Operating Base Warhorse wrote one. It was accompanied by a sketch. The only information attached was, “Missing you.”

Content gathered by Joy Wohlman Boyce, a library technician at the Fort Wainwright, Alaska, post library.