Author Unknown


Mighty tough and proud of it, he did his country well,
But his pride was superficial, and no-one did he tell.
He told a few close buddies, who didn’t give a damn,
Just said you didn’t seem the same, since you went to Vietnam.

They didn’t throw the ticker tapes; they didn’t line the street,
You were the popular one, who was always clean and neat,
You were the larrikin, who made the women drool,
but the drums stop beating for a drunkard and a fool.

The one who fought the enemy in his dreams at night,
As mother told the children, your Daddy’s just not right,
He loves us all so dearly but just can’t tell us so,
It’s something that happened so many years ago.

He’s seeing a special doctor now, he’ll be away for a while,
I saw him on the weekend; it was great to see him smile,
He’s with a lot of lovely friends with children just like you,
And with help of all the staff, 1 hope they all pull through.

So don’t worry my darlings, it’s Daddy’s private war,
He can’t erase the memories of the things he did and saw,
I’m sure one day he’ll tell us and I know we’ll understand,
A problem shared is a problem halved; we’ll see a different man.

We know he won’t be perfect, he might still drink a bit,
But that fuse will be longer and less often will it be lit,
So go to sleep little ones, Daddy’s in good hands,
You know we’ll always love him and be his biggest fans.