Author Unknown


Author Unknown: Hold OnThis black earth it holds me back
I only wish that I were home
So you could tell me what was right
And I could try to change what’s wrong
Diyahnnn diyahnnnnnn

It’s all the distance between us now
That gives me fear that you are gone
Please hear my heart that beats loud
And just hold onnnnnnn
Just hold on…

If the battles I have lived through
Were in vain then give me death
In this war there are only losers
As the victors beat their chests
Diyahnnn diyahnnnnnn

I’m just animal in nature
Without knowing I am in your heart
Just not knowing brings out anger
And it’s tearing me apart
Hold on… hold on…

The fertile earth consumes me now
Underneath this great dark cloud
Your last words deeply cut me
From my grave I’ll cry out loud!
Diyahnnn diyahnnnnnn

Webmaster’s Note: Fort Wainwright, Alaska’s post library, held a writing competition for Soldiers and their families recently. Very few submissions were received, but those received were infused with intense emotions. Three were chosen to represent different elements of war: expression of creativity while in the field, the pain of missing a loved one, and honoring the memory of fallen friends.

Two of the poems chosen were submitted anonymously; a Soldier serving at Forward Operating Base Warhorse wrote one. It was accompanied by a sketch. The only information attached was, “Missing you.”

Content gathered by Joy Wohlman Boyce, a library technician at the Fort Wainwright, Alaska, post library.