Author Unknown


While walking down a usual path to welcome in the spring
I chanced upon a graceful dove, which had a broken wing.
He looked so out of place to me, helpless on the ground.
As I moved to where he lay, I heard a mournful sound.
My heart was burdened by the thought, that I could do no good.
He seemed to sense that I would help him, if only I could.
I gently held him to my breast as minutes turned to hours.
I knew his life was slipping past as we sat among the flowers.
I begged him to forgive me for the things I could not do
and promised him “That if I could I’d give my wings to you”
I glanced above and found his friends that circled in the skies
Then noticed that my wounded dove had closed his gentle eyes.
One cannot change the way of things, I thought as I made his grave.
Nor is a single moment yours, to stop the clock and save.
Then as I walked away from him, I heard an angel sing
and I knew someday I’d meet again, my dove with a broken wing.

Submitted on November 10, 2005 by J.C. Harris: A friend of mine gave me this poem when my Dad passed away. I love it and I think it is fitting for Veterans Day. In honor of all those who gave their all, and those who held them close. God bless