Author Unknown


There’s a bond between Veterans, that can’t be described unless you looked into death, and returned. It’s the pride of defending your homeland; it’s an honor, so valiantly earned.

There’s a brotherhood cementing soldiers adding strength to the stories they tell.
It’s the footprints where angels resisted; it’s the courageous survival of Hell.
There’s a feeling, a heartbeat, a spirit, that no coward could ever inspire.
Because without having walked in their boots, you can’t know what it’s like under fire.
When an instance is all that divides you, from living and giving it all
It’s the hero who stands, without question; it’s the Veterans who have taken the fall.
It’s the loyalty, this love of Country that carries us into harm’s way.
It’s devotion, unbending, unending, that the Veterans defend, every day.
You look at me with hostility saying that I am to blame,
For embarrassing the nation and bringing it to shame.
Yet you sat at home and popped your pills, loving freely at your will,
While we defended those freedoms on some distant, bloody hill.

We only did the duty that our Country asked we do.
We only did what we were told, with thoughts it was for you.
We held this Country in our hearts as we watched our Brothers die.
We vowed our dedication, and we held our heads up high.
But you forget who gave their blood, so you could speak your mind.
And you forget, the families, we were asked to leave behind,
who were also those we battled for, we cherished, in our chore.
So tell me now, tell them, indeed, who harmed our Country more?

This poem is very similar to another poem “Memorial Day”, the author of which is also unknown