Loyde P. “Snake” Arender


I held my Mother’s hand firmly
As she guided the steps I took
I watched her in the kitchen
As I eagerly learned to cook
Sometimes I listened for hours
As she spoke of her younger days
Then as a teenager I wondered
If Mother would ever change her ways
Mother was wrong and I was right
That was perfectly clear to see
But as the years slowly passed
More of my Mother came out in me
I had two daughters of my own
We had our ups and downs
But through it all we were joined by love
And we always had Mother around
I learned my Mother and she learned me
And oh what a love we shared
For in time I fully realized
That my Mother really cared
Mother has gone to live with Jesus
Someday, I’ll meet her in that Heavenly Land
And as I walk beside my Mother
She will firmly hold my hand.

Author’s Note: Written for Nancy “BW” Preston, in Remembrance of her Mother