Pamela K. Applegate-Murray


Pamela and Douglass: circa 1967
Pamela and Douglass: circa 1967

Corpsman! Medic! Help!
You answered their call
With no regard for your life, or your safety.

You risk everything for everyone else
You bear the heavy burden of life and death,
They love you, they protect you
They watch your back…

Corpsman, there is so much you do
There is so little you can do,
There is so much you did,
They will never forget,
You will never forget,

Young soft tender boy of twenty,
Changed in a heartbeat,
You’re a man and soldier,
A lifesaver, a comrade, a friend…

Young soft tender lover,
God how I miss you,
My heart aches for you, then and now,
I will never get you back,
I lost you to them,
I found you in them…
I love you because of them…
Those you gave your life for,
I gave up your love for,
A Hero.
I will always love you

Seventeen 2009

Author’s Note: This was written for corpsman Douglass L. Simpson Jr. USN who served with USMC – Battalion 3/1 in 1967-68 in Vietnam. He was my high school sweetheart but felt he would probably not return from war so we broke up before he shipped out. I had not seen him for over 40 years. Recently we reconnected and have rekindled our lost love. This poem is and was for him.