Nicholas A. Andreacchio

Nicholas A. Andreacchio: The Lieutenant

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: June 14, 2005
Awarded: June 14, 2005

How can the days grow longer,
Yet each one move so fast?
And the bright and shining future,
Too soon will be the past.

The years have flown so swiftly;
Is the dark now growing cold?
Has that aggressive young Lieutenant
Really grown so old?

It seems like only yesterday,
When he met his first platoon.
Will they soon become just memories
That will fade into the gloom?

Each challenge that he met then,
Was unique and has not died,
And the problems that he helped resolve,
Still light the past with pride.

While he learned a lot along the way,
The answer for which he’s yearning,
“Is why must I leave so soon,
When daily, I am still learning?”

But 30 years have really passed,
And the Lieutenant can not stay.
Even the eagles he now wears so proudly,
Can not delay the day.

Now the parade is done.
The Flag is furled.
The troops have left the field.
And the sorrow of that parting,
Are wounds that will not heal.

So he’s on his way to --?--
At the tail-end of his summer.
But the Lieutenant’s heart will always follow;
The Flag,
The Bugler and
The Drummer.